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The Winning Pitch Deck Designs in 2020

A winning pitch deck design is crucial to get funding for a startup business. In order to prepare a successful pitch deck to investors, it must contain information needed by investors without unnecessarily over bloating it. It must put up a stunning story without attempting to emotionally manipulate the investors or the investors having such feeling. It must not be confusing but communicate clearly the value of the company. When the design of the pitch deck is excellent, it adds more to readability and ease out the ability of the investors to go through the pitch.

A good pitch tells an interesting story about the company. Such a pitch with an excellent narrative makes the pitch memorable, impact emotionally and communicates clearly more than what data and statistics alone can do. The story must not be verbose rather it should be cohenrent, succinct and easy to understand. The story is about revealing the existence of a problem and proffering a solution. This solution is made a reality by releasing funds to execute the whole plan. Most often, the story is progressive or a forward movement. Nevertheless, pitch deck tells the story better and not just in words. It gives a seamless and smooth flow from one slide to the other.

Putting slides together in an easy flow is also important. Each slide contributes to the larger story. However, it must also be able to stand on its own. A good slide will contribute something outstanding and without which the story is not complete. You must be able to understand the slide when viewed in isolation. It must deal with one important point. In this way, you don’t force the audience to cast their minds back to the earlier slides. Nevertheless, loading a slide with too much information may somewhat be distracting. Each slide should focus on an important point in order to get attention of the audience and keep them focussed.

Resist the attempt to fill an investor pitch deck with many numbers, statistics and every piece of data available. Having done an extensive research, you are convinced that the idea is worth pursuing and making a reality. The more data you collect, the more authoritative your pitch is. But never load it without unnecessary data or information. This may be counterproductive and consequently work against your goals. You got the spark before all the researches. Recreate that spark in minds of the investors before bothering yourself figures and data which should come later.

A pitch deck design that put all the above-mentioned points into consideration will likely be a winning one and make investors to fall in love with the project making them to invest in the business.

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