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Most business men are extremely busy and do not have much time to waste on reading and trying to understand long business plans which may eventually end up in the trash can. These business men want to make decisions about the business as fast as possible with high accuracy. They want something punchy which is not necessarily verbose. In this circumstance, they request you to come up with a little presentation, pitch deck, for them.

Pitch deck is a miniature form of a business plan. It contains important and relevant information that will assist investors to make a business decision very quickly. Preparation of a pitch deck does not in anyway foreclose the need for a business plan. It rather complements a business plan. It comes before the full business plan is prepared. A pitch deck usually contains about 10 to 20 slides which can be view swiftly.

A pitch deck is a brief presentation, usually in Microsoft Powerpoint or whiteboard explainer or animation. Often start-up business owners shy away from preparing pitch decks but rather prefer to talk things out with the investor on phone. There is nothing sacrosanct about pitch deck. It only gives more authority to your business idea and even portray you as a very serious business man.

A pitch deck, simply puts, is a short or brief presentation of your business plan. It normally contains the key elements of business plan. You will find in a pitch deck headings and subheads like the purpose of your company, mission statement, business model, team members etc. From an investor viewpoint pitch deck is quite important and serves a purpose. It is likened to the business card. This is the reason why investors request business owners to pitch their presentation.

It is, therefore, very essential to take a time out and prepare the pitch deck which is an excellent manner to catch the attentions of investors. It is a good saying that first impression often lasts long. Put in a lot of efforts to make it interesting and meets the needs of these potential investors. You need to impress and give them facts about your business model. It is your responsibility to carry them along and make them to believe in your business idea even with the short write-up or presentation.

Nevertheless, some start-up muddle things up and pack the pitch deck with lots of information making it somewhat messy. This is somehow counter-productive. It is pretty difficult to get the attention of these investors this way. They may certainly end up not buying your idea of the business.

Therefore, be as much as possible professional in the preparation of the pitch deck. Include only the very important facts. Although, this is a time-consuming exercise. You want to compress about 40 pages business plan into a 20-slide short presentation. Calm down and take pain to strike out not very important points.

This unpleasant situation can be avoided completely by presenting your pitch deck in a professional way. I must also mention that the presentation of the facts should be excellent and well-laid out for easy reading. Use beautiful colours with clear and legible writing. You cannot just compromise the quality of your pitch deck. Investors are serious minded busy people that want to make much more from their investments.

We can prepare a professional pitch deck for you based on your business idea. Therefore, you don’t need to go far. We prepare the pitch deck from the scratch. We don’t use any template to do this. The layouts of the presentation are usually handled by our graphic designers. They bring out the best of your presentation and even watch out for easy readability.

Our prices are moderate. Contact us by sending an email or call our phone number to speak with our representative.

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