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There are many obstacles that hinder people from writing a free sample business plan. These obstacles make the job somewhat uninteresting to them. Sometimes, it makes them hit writer’s block and they can’t just progress with the project. When you approach this professionally, it becomes pretty easier to cross all the hurdles to write a standard business plan example without much hassle. Writing a free sample business plan involves a conscious effort to write and do extensive researches on the niche beforehand. I will examine some of the hindrances that make this task somehow difficult to do.

Attempting to write the Executive Summary First

The first challenging aspect writing a free sample business plan is the executive summary. It comes first. For this reason, a lot people attempt to write it first and find themselves stuck midway. The executive summary should be reserved in typical business plan example and written as the last item on the business plan. You are attempting to write out the salient points of the business plan in a brief manner. It is not a summary par se. But an attempt to give punchy overview of the whole business plan. If this is done last, you have all the facts at your fingertips to do it perfectly.

Not doing enough researches on the niche market

Writing a business plan example involves using lots of figures and facts in the writeup. If your researches are not adequate or shallow, you will soon find yourselves gasping for breath even at the very beginning. Certainly, you will get stuck in no time. Carrying out extensive research precedes every form of writing if you really want to make it quite exciting and impactful. Don’t hold back conduct the research extensively. Your write up will command authority.

Standard Business Plan examples: Lack of Financial Accounting knowledge

You need basic accounting knowledge to do justice to the financial plan aspect of the business plan. You don’t really need to be too technical about it. Understand some basic accounting terms and principles. If you find this extremely difficult, there is a way out of this. There are financial plan templates on Microsoft Excel you can use to prepare the financial projections and other computations like break-even analysis. We sell this on this platform. All you need to do with our template is to key in your basic figures and all other technical parts will be computed by the spreadsheet automatically.

Not Realistic

If the whole business model is not realistic, it becomes much difficult to write. Some of the facts will be conflicting and you have more than enough troubles to battle with. Set up out realistic goals and the steps to achieve these goals. There are occasions you will have to make assumptions to get out of a tight corner.

Making Assumptions

There is no standard business plan example that doesn’t contain assumptions. It is not a bad idea to make assumption on certain areas. This is acceptable. However, write out all your assumptions clearly. It assists the readers to understand the facts you are trying to drive home. Make assumptions where necessary. You may need to make these assumptions so that you can move forward in your writeup.

Can’t Just get down to write

Much has been written about writers’ block. When a writer doesn’t just want to write anything. I actually didn’t want to mention this, but it does happen sometimes. The simple solution to this is to do other things aside from writing like conducting your researches on the internet and reading from the client’s website about their goals and mode of operations. Gradually, you will find yourself interestingly getting inspired to write again to write a good business plan example.

Trying to Impress with English

It is good to be fluent in English. Don’t over flog this anyway. Writing in a complex grammar doesn’t add any value to the effectiveness of your business plan. Always write in clear and simple grammar. Ensure there are no wrongly spelt words or bad grammar embedded in your write-up. The place of editing and proofreading should not be undermined. Good grammar makes the whole thing interesting. The business plan will look very serious and focused. Please don’t write just anything to make up the number of pages you intended to write. This will water down your write-up drastically.

Ample Time

Time, of course, is nobody’s friend. It is not a respecter of person and not hypocritical.  Create time to write the business plan. Write consistently to achieve your target. Know the time of the day you write best. Stick to this time. When you are exhausted and tired please take a time out to relax and get refreshed. You will come back to write with more vigor and better ideas of a good business example.

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